Can The Croupier Influence The Ball?


Some also claim that the croupier has an influence on the outcome of the game and the landing of the ball. This is unlikely, however, because the roulette wheel is designed in such a way that the ball bounces back and forth between the numbers in such a way that no predictions or special throwing are possible. So croupiers could also work with customers of the casino, which would violate any rules of the casino.

To relieve you of a little work, we have dealt extensively with a variety of different roulette strategies. We want to relieve you of the work and inform you about roulette systems for beginners and experienced. Here you can find out about the most important and popular roulette systems for free and then decide whether you really want to try one of them at the roulette table. We not only inform you about the advantages and chances of winning, but also point out the gaps, weak points and risks of the various strategies.

Systems With Progression

The betting strategies with progression can in turn be divided into two groups, depending on whether the progression follows a profit or a loss. The most prominent example of the latter is certainly the Martingale system, which provides for a doubling of the stake after each loss. Because the Martingale is so easy to use, it is particularly popular with beginners, but in reality it is one of the riskiest systems and is rarely used by professionals.

In the Paroli game, however, the rate is not doubled after every loss, but after a win. So this is a much safer option. However, it is not entirely true that this is only played with the bank’s capital, as many players believe.

A progression can therefore take place after a winning or a losing coup. It can also be either steep (as in Martingale or Paroli) or flat (as in D’Alembert). Steep progressions are suitable if you bet on simple chances, for example on red-black, because this is the only way to make up for previous losses. But they can also quickly lead to bursts, i.e. to the loss of the entire budget. When playing for higher chances, a flat progression is more favorable, as a profit occurs less often, but is higher and can therefore often compensate for previous losses.

Systems Without Progression

In contrast to the systems in which the stake is increased after the coups, depending on whether you have won or lost, there are also systems that manage without progression at all. So with them every sentence has the same amount. This way of playing is called mass égale. Here it is hoped for a positive Ecart, so that the chance that is being bet on appears more often than one would expect according to the rules of probability. The Masse égale game is actually only worthwhile for the game of higher odds.

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