Progressive Roulette Systems


Progressive roulette systems are based on increasing bets in the event of a loss . This is an attempt to compensate for the previous loss and to come into the profit zone. This type of strategy is the most common and you will find many strategies for doing this here. How and to what extent the stakes are increased after a lost spin depends on the respective approach, your own playing style and the capital you want to use. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular roulette strategies together.


If you have dealt a little with roulette tactics and strategies in advance, you are bound to come across the Martingale system. This system is very simple and with enough capital and patience it can be very successful . I recommend this procedure only for the classic variants such as French or European roulette and preferably also with the La Partage rule , because if the zero falls, you do not immediately lose your stake, but have the chance to clear it again. In American roulette there is not only zero but also the double zero, which of course reduces your chances if, as in the Martingale strategy, you play on simple chances.

Thats how it works:

If you take a closer look at the Martingale system, the point is to compensate for possible losses by doubling the stake of the same bet. This system is only played on simple chances such as red / black or even / odd. I recommend you start with small stakes of € 1 – € 5. The system starts at the first loss. If you have lost € 5 on red, you bet € 10 on red. If you lose again, € 20 will be bet and so on until you win. If this happens, you have not only recovered your previous loss, but on top of that you will also receive the profit of the originally wagered € 5. This system requires patience as it can take some time to play up, but it can add up to a nice sum.

Risks and Defects:

The problem with this strategy is the limits that exist at each roulette table and the capital requirements that are required in a negative series. Due to the constant doubling of the stake in the event of a loss, you run the risk of having to bet large sums at some point . If you reach the table limit, you have completely lost your capital and can no longer regain it. So it’s best to choose a roulette casino with very high table limits . There is also the danger of losing patience and wanting to make quick profits with higher stakes. With a stake of € 100 you reach the limits faster than you think.

Summary : Martingale is simple and sounds logical. If you lose on simple chances, the previous bet is simply doubled until you win. Caution is advised with the table limits, which can be reached with longer periods of bad luck and doubling the stake. Should that happen, all of your capital will be lost.

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